Probation, mediation and electronic monitoring

Public portal for probation and mediation and electronic monitoring of persons.

The purpose of the website is to provide the public, labour providers and the sentenced with more detailed information concerning execution of probation and mediation in criminal proceedings and electronic monitoring of persons by means of inspecting the execution of certain decisions by technical means.

Besides general information, you can find there also the overview and descriptions of particular life situations related to the execution of probation and mediation or electronic monitoring of persons in which citizens or labour providers can find themselves. Users, by means of a transparent and easy to navigate description of life situations, are directed to documents for downloading and electronic forms, which, thanks to their arrangement, can help them better orientate in their life situations and provide guidance how to select and correctly fill in documents or forms. Registered users have access to electronic forms which can be filled in and sent on the website. The administrator of the website content as well as its technical provider is: Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

In the case of problems with availability of the website, it is possible to contact the technical administration of the web:

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